Unicycles -Beginner

A Unicycle with a 20″ wheel is a good size to learn on. If you were thinking of using it for distance riding, a 24″ wheel would also be a good choice.

  • Qu-ax Unicycles available from RTUC member Brian Sciatto, 248-310-1432, See flyer here. Contact Brian for special RTUC pricing that may be lower than on the flyer.
  • “Club” Unicycle from .  Sign up for their newsletter to receive sale notices and free shipping options when available.
  • Anything by Nimbus will be a higher quality option if you want to spend a little extra.

What Wheel Size to I need? – a resource by

“Two of the main considerations when choosing a unicycle are whether it will fit you and what sort of riding you want to do.” An exert from:
Selecting a Unicycle – a resource by Australia

Frequently Asked Questions – a resource by US.  Ten Topic categories including “First Time Buyer”,  “General Information”, “Selecting a Unicycle”, “Learning to Ride”, “Assembly or a Unicycle”.