The Redford Township Unicycle Club (RTUC) began in 1975 as a group of neighborhood teenagers who enjoyed riding unicycles.  They challenged one another to learn new  tricks and returned from their first National Convention (held that year in Pontiac, MI) determined to become one of the best clubs competing.  The riders made all of the wooden equipment (ramps and beams) that is still being used  today.  Several of them created unusual unicycles, such as the 4″ and 2″  wheeled unicycles.  In 1979 sixteen of the riders spent a month in Europe  performing with the Redford Union High School Band in Germany, Austria and northern Italy.

The club has now taken on a very different look.  No longer are the riders entirely school-age children. The Club is now inter-generational with many fathers and mothers riding with their children and several active three-generation families.

Current activities include improving artistic ability, participating in parades, explaining unicycling to community groups, competition in national events and of course being a good social group.

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